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Spectacular is the only word that fits this contemporary hotel. We could not have asked for a more gracious, professional, and accommodating partner as our host for the ‘I AM EQUAL’ Photo Documentary stop in Calgary. If you want to see what clean, contemporary luxury can be look no further than the perfectly situated Westin Hotel in the very heart of the city.

We love all of our Startwood Hotel partners and the unique professionalism they bring to every event, and our time at the Westin Calgary was no different. Our rooms were immaculate with stunning views of the city and an exceptionally modern feel that’s perfectly suited to our design taste. Every part of the property was perfection and every employee (without exception) was gracious, attentive, familiar with our project and knew why we were at the hotel.

When it came time for the photo event, The Westin pulled out all the stops and made sure our event was front and center for all to see. The Ballroom was a perfect fit for the hundreds of people who came out from the community to take part and like clockwork throughout the day, the staff came and made sure we had everything we needed to keep things running smoothly.

The best part of all was the fact that many of the hotel staff took time to come and join the documentary project on behalf of the unique issues and causes they support. We heard stories from these employees ranging from domestic violence awareness and autism, to clean drinking water in Africa and immigration reform. We learned very quickly that the team at the Westin are all passionate about their work and commitment to the community.

Once again, The Westin and Starwood Hotel Group have proven that they are strong leaders in the community who are putting their passion and commitment towards building a strong and diverse company.

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I live with my parents and I’m 29 years old. Salt lake city is my hometown and I have three pugs.

I have downs syndrome. Sometimes people been teasing me cause I look different. I went to many schools. I was vulnerable and it would make people want to tease me when I was in school. One time a boy spitted on me on my glasses. Another time a girl pinched me hard on the shoulder and it hurt. And other students would call me slow. And when people do these things it kind of makes me a little sad and hurt.

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